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The Community Access Program (CAP) is a Government of Canada initiative, administered by Industry Canada, which aims to provide Canadians with affordable public access to the Internet and the skills they need to use it effectively. With the combined efforts of the federal, provincial and territorial governments, community groups, social agencies, libraries, schools, volunteer groups and the business community, CAP helps Canadians, wherever they live, take advantage of emerging opportunites in the new global knowledge-based economy. Under CAP, public locations like schools, libraries and community centres act as "on-ramps" to the Information Highway, and provide computer support and training.

The program plays a crutial role in bridging the digital divide; contributing to the foundation for electronic access to government services; encouraging on-line learning and literacy; fostering the development of community based infrastructure; and, promoting Canadian e-commerce.

For more information visit the CAP site.


Ever ask yourself these questions...

How do I work a computer? What is this program? What is the Internet? How do I use it?

You're not alone, and this is where I come in.

Book a one-on-one appointment with Jess McAdam at the Wawa Public Library. Just call 856-2062 ext. 290, or stop by the library located at 40 Broadway Ave.


"Businesses of Wawa!"

Want a simple website? But don't want to spend a fortune getting it? Or spend anything at all? Yeah, I said it.

I'm part of the CAP Youth Internship that allows me to help small businesses, such as yours, build websites. Oh yeah, and it's free! As long as it's simple.

For example,
Own a restaurant? How about a website that displays your menu and prices, daily specials, and contact information for take-out orders.

Have a motel? How about a website that showcases pictures of rooms, prices and directional maps.

Interested? Let's talk...